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GFE has extensive experience managing multi-disciplinary teams to solve our clients’ engineering and environmental problems. Using our combined technical expertise, our staff members provide clients with high-quality solutions.


Geotechnical Investigation, Testing and Instrumentation

– Geotechnical and Geological Investigation

– In-situ and Laboratory Testing

– Pile Load Testing

– Instrument Installation, Monitoring and Evaluation

– Forensic Engineering

– Interpretation and Reporting

– Construction Material and Mineral Exploration


– Construction Supervision

– Geotechnical Assistance

Geo Informatics

– Remote Sensing Interpretation


– Logging Data Analysis

Research and Development

– Geotechnical and Geological Manuals

– Research Papers

– Training and Seminars

Feasibility Study and Detailed Design

– Earthworks and Dams

– Foundations

– Underground Structures/Underpasses

– Railways and Roads

– Slope Stabilization

– Excavation and Tunneling

– Retaining and Underground Structures

– Ground Improvement

– Groundwater Control

– Environmental Geology

– Geoenvironmental Engineering

Investigation and Maintenance

– Roads and Bridges

– Buildings

– Pipelines and Tunnels

– Dams

Numerical Analysis

– Retaining Structures and Excavations

– Dams

– Tunnels

– Groundwater Flow and Contamination